About Us

ARK Export and Import is a Company manufacturing fine leather goods. ARK Export and Import is an ISO 9001-2008 (International Organization or Standardization) certified finished leather goods manufacturing company. We strictly follow the EU compliance of BSCI standards and all leather products manufactured in our factory are BSCI Compliant Standard. We are manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of high quality finished leather DSC02294 goods produced in our factory Asia-India- Kolkata.

 We have large leather goods manufacturing factory and our factory manufacturing leather finished  leather items do strictly follow the EU standards and compliance in manufacturing and process. We  are among the very prominent manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of finished leather goods in  India-Kolkata-Asia.

 The models shown in the catalog bears the hallmark of the high degree of craftsmanship and  precision of our manufacturing process. Our production is made up of popular styles for customers  who look for good quality leather and high degree of craftsmanship. Our production is also made up of  complicated and designer styles, which only a few in the world are capable of manufacturing. A  number of these models are not displayed in our website or catalog because of time-bound  confidentiality agreements with our customers.

A number of our buyers, who are globally renowned brands, work with us not just because of consistent quality and timely shipments, they also depend on us for continuous product development for which we have our dedicated team of in-house designers and merchandisers.

The vision of the company has been to match the craftsmanship and the handcrafting expertise of the East with consistent quality standards, delivery deadlines and product development needs of the West. It is with this vision that all company managers, supervisors and staff are trained rigorously.

Main Market Area

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Mid East, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe.